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Strive to Win the Customers Trust

Since our establishment, we have set out to earn our customers trust with our global operating organization. We will keep striving to be the company at the top of the class in the window regulator business and satisfying our customers’ needs while contributing to our regional communities.

We will constantly strive to be a reliable, highly competitive company with a united team while promoting Johnans’ model of being “a happy, fun place to work in a dynamic environment”

■ Corporate Creed
Johnan will become the company that creates new values in the global market with integrity.


Business Policy

Nearly 70 years have passed since the establishment of the Johnan. We continue to grow as company with three domestic and seven overseas facilities by primarily manufacturing vehicles components which includes designing and developing products as well as processing and assembling parts.

As a group, we have a 3-year business plan starting in FY2020 which strengthens developing human resources and products as well as a management base including production and quality control systems. We will make a rapid progress by improving quality and having cost competitiveness to satisfy the needs of our customers’

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